Best Bong Under $50. Some of our bongs are so darn cool you’ll feel bad smoking out of them. For the one who loves to cook: One of our favorite chef’s knives. The Glob Squad Mini Ice Cube Oil Rig sits on a glass-sculpted block of ice that you fill with water to cool down your … Bongs Under $50. It's like an ash catcher on a water pipe I used 20 years ago. Pink Mini Neon Jelly Bong - 8.5in. We have a huge selection of dab rigs under $50, whether you need something portable or a massive house piece, you have got to check here first for the best discounts and closeout prices. from $37.99. Two matrix percs hang inside, delivering unbeatable diffusion with dozens of tiny slits. Quick view. Silicone Mini Beaker. Google Nest Mini. They get you really smoked out really fast and are sometimes even art pieces. Under $50 ; $50 - $100 ; $100 - $200 ; Over $200 ; BONG PARTS. Save big on cheap dab rigs at Badass Glass. Dabbing. Despite this bong's common name, the triple chamber bong is anything but simple. Multi Color Recycler Dab Rig. When looking into investing a water pipe you want to look for quality, thickness (of glass), downstem, filters (or percs), and functionality. Bongs under $50. Great deal on a great package. Watch as the honeycomb disc percolators filter the smoke that passes through and filters it to give you smooth hits. It's not easy finding a cheap quality bong, but the best online headshop has you covered. The moonrock is a medium sized straight tube with a trumpet style mouthpiece. Display: 24 per page. Biohazard Inc is the one-stop shop for all your Wholesale Smoke Shop, Wholesale Dispensary Supplies and Cannabis packaging needs. $44.99. I use soft wax with this and it gives off much less reclaim than shatter so this works really well to keep the pipe clean. Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, … The built-in downstem and bubble bowl makes for easy use. People always ask me if there are any good bongs under $100. In the ‘90s, even Tommy Chong jumped on the bong wagon and sold bongs under his own name. All of our bongs are built to last and feature the top brands in the industry. Sort by. Kayd Mayd Apollo VIII 3D-Printed Bong . They function exactly the same as other bongs. We have an expansive list of bongs for sale. Not sure where to start your glass bong shopping spree? The more you spend the longer your item will last and the better it will perform. Bongs Under $50. Dab rigs are the best way to enjoy concentrates at home, because they offer water filtration for cooling hits, and have a variety of unique designs. Bongs are investment pieces so you want to make sure you choose the right one, but not break the bank. It features a traditional beaker style bottom with a fixed downstem. This dab rig priced less than $50 is functional, practical, and charming. Impurities don't stand a chance against this level of diffusion. Diamond glass has really outdone themselves with this beautiful piece as it satisfies every smoker's needs and makes any sesh enjoyable. Our online smoke shop brings very wide offer of all kind of water bongs. Of course, there are many other well-known people who prefer to use bongs to smoke with rather than rolling or hand pipes. When you're itching for the biggest and baddest glass, the Double Matrix Water Pipe is the fix you need. It's thick enough to anchor this 22” beast to your table, yet beautifully designed to be easy on the eyes. The 50 Best Gifts Under $50 for Your Husband Best Life - Sarah Crow. Browse our extensive collection of bongs under $100. After all, there is no reason that anyone should have to sacrifice when lighting up your favorite herb. View all Home Decor; Decorative Accents ; Home Office; Bed & Bath; Lighting; Storage & Organization; Backyard Fun; Kitchen & Bar. Under $50 - Bongs. If you know where to look you can find fairly decent ones for around $50. Wholesale bongs under $50 for your smoke shop. The tree chamber bong is the ultimate big boy bong, perfectly designed for veterans and smoking connoisseurs. This piece was designed to give you a premium smoking experience without breaking the bank and delivers on every level. The models are made from high-quality wood that will provide a durable body and is designed to be light in weight so that long term use is not a problem. The 4 percs offer amazing filtration. All of these bongs are still very well made with great glass quality. Buy cheap glass, silicone bongs … Smoke is filtered through thousands of bubbles for a cleaner, more flavorful experience. The best bongs of 2018 was a tough list to rank as there are many great options. Bongs are investment pieces so you want to make sure you, A standard high quality glass bong cost between $100 – $500. Comes with a heavy glass slide. If you are looking for an even cheaper weed bong under $20, mini bongs like our Mini Smoke Box may be a great option for you. Take for example the gem-cut base. Display: 48 per page. Kayd Mayd Bent Dreams 3D-Printed Bong. This beaker style bong by Grav Labs stands at 8.5 inches. Cartoon Scientist Mini Bong - 8.5in. The 31 Best Gifts for Men Under $50. If you are serious about your bongs those won’t be enough for you though. We have an expansive list of bongs for sale. Glass bongs under $50. Sort by Sort by: Alphabetically, A-Z. $44.20 NEW. Don’t be afraid to spend more than $50 bucks on a glass bong, it will be totally worth it. So, you don't have to search endlessly to find an affordable, trustworthy water pipe. If you’re the type of smoker who can’t have nice things, the Purr2go is the … The mouthpiece is also cut in this design. Free shipping on all orders. Cheap bongs don't necessarily mean low-quality bongs. By Mario Abad. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Add ice to cool down your hits and smoke away.