The difference of chip morphology between ultrasonic vibration–assisted turning and conventional turning is contrasted and analyzed from the macroscopic and microscopic point of view. And those rules can be used as the scientific theory evidence for cutting-parameter selection in the milling machining. The tensile strength and hardness of the stir zone increased as the tool rotational speed increased. Within the limits of secondary air, more steady combustion process is achieved as well as the reduction of NOx. Creep properties of the 15CrMoG steel at service temperatures are not much documented due to the difficulties in obtaining long-term creep data. This book presents select peer-reviewed proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering (ICAME 2020). For the purposes of monitoring the production process itself, a LabVIEW application was created in the form of a SCADA system. The influence of process parameters on chip shape and the impact of chip shape on machining effect are also analyzed. For different burner jet structures and arrangements, NOx distribution curves of the horizontal cross section are all W-shaped, but the NOx generation and distribution performance are correspondingly different, while the NOx emission changes are unobvious for different design schemes of the boiler burner. The plasticity models in finite element codes are often not able to describe the cyclic plasticity phenomena satisfactorily. Hindawi Volume 2018 Mathematics Journal of Hindawi Volume 2018 Mathematical Problems in Engineering Applied Mathematics Journal of Hindawi Volume 2018 Probability and The relationship between machining parameters and ultrasonic vibration–assisted processing performance was also explored. The electromagnetic field equation of motor, motive equation of rotor, and circuit equation of winding are solved simultaneously for acquiring dynamical characteristics of motor. In this study, machining characteristics and mechanical properties of aluminum (Al) alloy 6061 were investigated with variations in discharge currents in electrical discharge machining. The results reveal that the critical heat flux can be significantly improved by introducing the saw-tooth structures on the channel surface or boosting the system pressure as well as by increasing the mass flux. With the application of over-fire air and additional air, lean-oxygen combustion takes place near the burner sets region and higher temperature at furnace exit is acquired for better heat transfer. The surface coating is one of the novel approaches to enhance the performance and durability of the mechanical components by decreasing the wear and friction among two interacting bodies. There are many problems and physical phenomena in turning process, like machined surface quality, cutting force, tool wear, and so on. The machining characteristics included the electrode wear rate, material removal rate, and roughness. Finally, the improved magnetic abrasive finishing process is an effective method in improving finishing quality of the Al7075 holes. Usually, the blade is installed between the hub and the shroud as an entire part. By analyzing the motion relationship between tool path and workpiece surface, the reasons for improved workpiece surface quality by ultrasonic vibration–assisted machining were explained. The research of kinematics is the basis of real-time and robust robot control. Experimental results indicate that vibratory stress relief is effective in reducing and equilibrating residual stresses. Papers are selected from over 10,000 As the closed-loop controllers corresponding to all joints are local and independent of each other, the whole system is not a closed-loop feedback control. Chip morphology and its formation mechanisms, cutting force, cutting power, specific cutting energy, tool wear, and tool wear mechanisms at different cutting speeds of 100–3000 m/min during dry face milling of Ti-6Al-4V alloy using physical vapor deposition-(Ti,Al)N-TiN-coated cemented carbide tools were investigated. This paper aims to proposing a method to address a surrogate model of forward kinematics for PMs (Parallel Mechanisms). The cavitation in the 15CrMoG steel samples occurring during the creep tests was also examined by microscopic analysis, the results of which confirmed that the cavitation evolution is responsible for the reduced mechanical performance and finally creep rupture of the steel. Samples having the substrate surface roughness (0.2 ± 0.05 µm) and the coating thickness of more than 2.83 µm presented relatively better adhesion, wear resistance, and lower coefficient of friction of the TiN coating. In this article, Chaboche-type material model with kinematic hardening evolution rules and non-proportional as well as strain memory effects was studied through the calibration of the aluminium alloy 2024-T351. 4SPRR-SPR parallel robot is a novel closed-loop mechanism. Compared to the non-modified channel, the enhancements of the critical heat flux for the parallel and counter saw-tooth channels are 44% and 36%, respectively, at the small mass flux. mech. The 3C facets are coalition, customer, and content. The creep rupture stress at 20,000 h decreased significantly with the increase in the temperature in the tested temperature range. The hardness and adhesion experimental results are discussed, which are then related to numerically obtained normal and shear stresses. And, the error is less than 6% compared with the tensile test, which is within the range of the elastic modulus of the material. The numerical results reveal that NOx formation attenuates with the decrease in the secondary air ratio (γ2nd) and the ratio of the additional air to the over-fire air (γAA/γOFA) was within the limits. The inner surface roughness was further decreased and the surface morphology was more uniform after finishing process. A heat sink with convective boiling in micro- or mini-channels is with great potential to meet the requirement of the high heat dissipation of the electronic devices. Namely, metal feeding of 2024 aluminium powder is considered to produce clad traces on 2024 aluminium plates, aiming to give grounds for repairing damaged real components using materials with same or similar features with respect to the parent metal. The results show that when the strain rate of the structure deformation is low, the material strain rate strengthening effect has little influence on the structure. Numerical results show that there exist two inverse elliptical flow fields and temperature fields. Developing a user-defined material model is a demanding process, challenging especially for industry. In order to improve wall surface quality and to remove the edge burrs of the hole, a novel magnetic abrasive finishing process was proposed. The proposed 8C architecture is a helpful guideline to build the cyber-physical system for smart factories. The results show that weld nugget size is also a principal factor that determines the failure mode of microscale resistance spot welds. This research article presents a design parameter assessment technique for three-dimensional printed hip joint implants. First, the load–depth curves of exact location of ferrite, pearlite and grain boundary on the surface of AISI 1045 steel are obtained by 30 groups of in situ nanoindentation tests. The weld shape, weld macrostructure, microstructure, strength and hardness, and the content of the ferrite in the weld zone, heat-affected zone, and base metal were emphatically investigated. Directed metal deposition by means of laser beam is investigated in this article. Simulations are performed using an unsteady Reynolds Average Navier-Stokes solver and the k-ω SST turbulence model, coupled with a two-equation γ-Reθ transition model. By contrast with conventional turning, phenomenon of serrated burr on the chip edge and the surface defects of chip in ultrasonic vibration–assisted turning have improved significantly. Furthermore, the optimum process conditions were evaluated using statistical analyses. Herein, the creep behavior and the cavity evolution of 15CrMoG steel were investigated based on 20,000 h of creep tests at varied temperatures. However, even today, there is a great diversity of interpretations and ideas associated with this term. The influence of material strain rate effect on squeezing force, energy absorption and deformation mode of the squeezing energy-absorbing structure based on the constitutive models of 5083P-O were studied by means of finite element simulation. The mechanism of surface topography formation of Inconel 718 in low-speed wire electrical discharge machining was studied, and its on-line prediction based on acoustic emission detection technology is carried out. However, there was still high maximum compressive residual stress in subsurface layers. Vibratory stress relief is a green and efficient aging technology compared with traditional natural stress relief and thermal stress relief. The realizable k-ε model for gas coupled with discrete phase model for coal particles, P-1 radiation model for radiation, two-competing-rates model for devolatilization, and kinetics/diffusion-limited model for combustion process are considered. The anti-adhesion mechanism of the hydrophobic surface for the static and dynamic state was analyzed. During the upward pitching stage, the transition phenomenon is accurately captured by both the 2D and 3D simulations. The slightly lower lift and suction side loading coefficients predicted by the 3D simulation are due to the pressure effects caused by the tip gap flow. Friction stir welding of Ti–6Al–4V alloy sheets was successfully performed with a tungsten carbide (WC) tool, and the effect of the tool rotational speed on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the joints was evaluated. In this study, tribological and mechanical properties of titanium nitride (TiN) coatings were investigated on the AISI 52100 bearing steel deposited by low-temperature physical vapor deposition system. For the pre-defined trajectory, the required output work generated by the driving motor is achieved by numerical integration technique. Regardless of the welding conditions, the alpha (α) and alpha prime (α′) phases were detected in the stir zone, whereas the base metal was composed of alpha (α) and beta (β) phases. Advances in Mechanical Engineering (AIME) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of mechanical engineering. To speed up solving the least squared equation in the three algorithms, SVD (Singular Value Decomposition) is introduced. Moreover, it is found that superior chip morphology in ultrasonic vibration–assisted turning can be acquired under the circumstance of comparatively small cutting parameters (cutting speed, depth of cut, and feed rate); at the same time, preferable chips can also obtain ranking machining effect. Our work highlights the consistencies and inconsistencies in the research community related to the interpretations of sustainable manufacturing and Industry 4.0, as well as the lack of consensus about the true social impact of Industry 4.0. A typical heavy-haul train with a large capacity employs multiple locomotives that are evenly distributed along the train, and each locomotive, or two or more locomotives, hauls a certain amount of freight cars. In addition, the NOx generation characteristics of the improved burner structure were compared with those of the original one. We propose instead a modified model based on distortion energy theory to ensure pullout failure. The objective of this paper is to investigate the hydrodynamic characteristics of the transient flows around a 3D pitching hydrofoil via numerical studies, where the effects of tunnel wall boundary layer and gap flows are considered. Rapid judgement regarding the welded joint properties was made based on the observed welding surface quality. The boiling visualization further indicates that the minichannels with the saw-tooth structures interrupt the boundary layer and restrain the coalescence of the bubble, which may be the reason for the critical heat flux enhancement. However, superalloys are typically difficult to machine, especially for the thread cutting. Based on the arrangement of the burner in the ultra-supercritical boiler, NOx generation does not vary obviously at different boiler loads. The comparative analysis of the actual testing results indicates that the optimum feed parameters are feed torque of triple torque extruder, feed speed of 20 mm/s, and feed material of ABS. The rigid-body dynamic model is developed by means of the principle of virtual work and the concept of link Jacobian matrices. Advances in Materials Science and Engineering publishes research in all areas of materials science and engineering, including the synthesis and properties of materials, and their applications in engineering applications. The journal welcomes submissions across a range of disciplines, and publishes both theoretical and practical A novel method for characterizing the tensile properties of AISI 1045 steel is proposed by combining the method of in situ nanoindentation test and the theory of mesomechanical analysis. Experimental results showed that better fatigue property of the electrical discharge machined workpiece could be obtained when the discharge current was 15 A; meanwhile, the thickness of the white layer was around 19 µm. The hydrophobic surface was obtained on 65Mn steel by the low free energy modification with myristic acid ethanol solution. Industries are under increasing pressure from stakeholders to be transparent in reporting the environmental and social impacts of their operations. Under the same resonance frequency, analyses and comparisons of the residual stress distributions before and after vibratory stress relief are presented with X-ray method. The results reveal that the axial depth of cut is the most important factor influencing the residual stress distribution of the machined pocket surface, and the more tensile stress states are found with the increase in axial cutting depth due to the thermal deformation. Surface integrity measurements, fatigue fracture analysis, and fatigue life tests are conducted to reveal the effect of surface integrity on crack initiation and fatigue life. The experimental results indicate that acoustic emission testing technique provides great technical support in researching the discharge energy variation rule in low-speed wire electrical discharge machining. To improve the operating characteristics of disconnector, a limited rotating angle permanent magnet motor actuator is presented in this article. Further analysis shows that higher feed torque can be used to improve the printing quality of the color mixing nozzle. A 50,000-t train developed in China will be pulled by 10 locomotives, and the uneven distribution of traction or brake force, caused by the asynchronous command execution of different locomotives, could eventually lead to severe accidents such as decoupling. View the AIME author page in English or in Simplified Chinese . It was found that the steel contains nanocrystalline/submicrocrystalline/microcrystalline austenite and submicrocrystalline ferrite. Welding parameters such as welding power (kW) and the focus distance from the joint surface (mm) were changed. However, the critical weld nugget sizes calculated using the existing recommendations are not consistent with the present experimental results. The microstructures evolution and mechanical properties were distinguished in details. It was found that the predictive model offered high accuracy. 100% scientists expect Advances in Mechanical Engineering Journal Impact 2019-20 will be in the range of 2.5 ~ 3.0. The relaxation behavior of residual stress has contributed to the thermally activated process. The combustion process of one 1000-MW ultra-supercritical double-tangential-circle boiler was numerically studied and the three-dimensional full-size structure of the boiler was full considered. Three sets of material model parameters were obtained using the built-in routines and results were compared to experiments. Experimentally, five machining regimes that are reduced in accordance with the discharge energy were conducted with acoustic emission detection technology in low-speed wire electrical discharge machining. This book presents the selected peer-reviewed papers from the National Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering (NCAME 2019), held at the National Institute of … Herein, the forward kinematics model is derived by training the VQTAM (Vector-Quantified Temporal Associative Memory) network, which originates from a SOM (Self-Organized Mapping). Editorial International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics 2010 SamiEl-Borgi 1,2 Mechanical Engineering Program, Texas A&M University at Qatar, Doha, Qatar Results revealed that the machined chips exhibited clear saw-tooth profile and were almost segmented at high cutting speeds, and apparent degree of saw-tooth chip morphology occurred as cutting speed increased. Altered feed rate and radial depth of cut show little changes in the residual stress distributions and the average values. Test results show that the wireless synchronous control system can meet the technical requirements of 50,000-t trains and its operation is feasible. The position, velocity, acceleration, jerk, and singularity are considered in the inverse kinematics analysis. According to the characteristics of magnetic abrasive finishing process, Taguchi’s method was used to carry out the test. The appropriate feed speed of the color 3D printer can not only reduce the accumulation of wire material at a lower speed but also reduce the blockage caused by too-high feed speed. The total driving powers, the powers related to the acceleration component of torque, velocity component of torque, gravity component of torque, and the powers related to the moving platform, strut connected with the moving platform, strut connected with the base platform, and motor rotor-coupler are also achieved. The responses are discussed in terms of geometry, microstructure and microhardness both in the fusion zone and in the heat-affected zone; the optimization is conducted via desirability functions, based on proper technical constraints upon numerical modelling. Advances in Mechanical Engineering | Citations: 506 | Read 1100 articles with impact on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. 2017: Advances in Automation Technology for Mechanical Engineering Guest Editors: Mei-Yung Chen, Neal Lii, Juin Liou, Chii-Rong Yang, Yu-Sheng Lu, Chun-Ta Chen & Gao-Wei Chang 2016: New Developments in Multibody System Dynamics and Its Applications 2016 A theoretical analysis of ultrasonic vibration–assisted thread cutting is carried out. Umesh D. Wankhade | Michael Shen | ... | Sadanand Fulzele, Mohamed A. Shahin | Mark B. Jaksa | Holger R. Maier, Kang Li | Guido Maione | ... | Xingsheng Gu, Dan T. Simionescu | Joseph Chen | ... | Jun Liao, Hazem Orabi | Sara Bouhout | ... | Stéphane Bolduc, Chenchen Jiang | Haojian Lu | ... | Yang Lu, Young-Hwan Kim | Yung-Zun Cho | ... | Jin-Mok Hur, Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, Advances in Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Applied Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing, Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Canadian Journal of Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology, Case Reports in Gastrointestinal Medicine, Case Reports in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Case Reports in Ophthalmological Medicine, Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience, Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part A, Bridging Education and Research, Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part B, Magnetic Resonance Engineering, Current Gerontology and Geriatrics Research, Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Infectious Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Infectious Diseases, International Journal of Aerospace Engineering, International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, International Journal of Analytical Chemistry, International Journal of Antennas and Propagation, International Journal of Biomedical Imaging, International Journal of Chemical Engineering, International Journal of Chronic Diseases, International Journal of Computer Games Technology, International Journal of Differential Equations, International Journal of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting, International Journal of Electrochemistry, International Journal of Forestry Research, International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences, International Journal of Reconfigurable Computing, International Journal of Reproductive Medicine, International Journal of Rotating Machinery, International Journal of Surgical Oncology, International Journal of Telemedicine and Applications, International Journal of Vascular Medicine, Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry, Journal of Computer Networks and Communications, Journal of Control Science and Engineering, Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Journal of Environmental and Public Health, Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations, Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing. Three-dimensional metal particle flow simulation during the whole rolling process for 60 kg/m heavy rail was accomplished by explicit dynamic finite element method and modified updating geometric method. It is shown that the explicit dynamic finite element method and modified updating geometric method can be used effectively to analyze the metal particle flow during the whole heavy rail rolling process. Residual strength is one of the important properties of materials and is the basis for material fatigue life prediction. The purpose of this study is to analyze the mechanical properties of individual three-dimensional scanned hip joint human bone geometry through numerical simulation and relate these properties to hardness and adhesion values of bio-compatible coatings. A regression equation about the arithmetic mean roughness (Ra) values and root mean square values of acoustic emission is established to predict surface roughness value Ra whose error is less than 1%. Advances in Civil Engineering published special issues feature collections of articles based around a common theme, author or event We are committed to sharing findings related to COVID-19 as quickly as possible. The cutting parameters that affect the cutting force and surface roughness in milling machining were analysed and the common rules were concluded in this article based on a series of cutting experiments. The entire life cycle of the product is monitored and documentation of all relevant raw material data is carried out through the production process all the way to product packaging where each product is specifically marked with QR code. The cyber-physical system is the core concept of Industry 4.0 for building smart factories. The current results may provide a theoretical basis for burner design improvement. During the dynamic stall stage, the 2D case exhibits a clear overshoot on the hydrodynamic force coefficients and the 3D simulation results better agree with the experimental results. Orthogonal experiments involving the laser welding of 1-mm-thick duplex stainless steel sheets were conducted using different electric current, pulse width and frequency values in order to analyse the effect of welding properties on the surface characteristics of the welded joints. 10. However, when two layers of auxiliary air are adopted, the combustion characteristic is promoted and NOx generation increases slightly. Advances in Engineering Advances in Engineering features breaking research judged by Advances in Engineering advisory team to be of key importance in the Engineering field. After that, a control strategy is proposed to independently control the eight joint variables using PID feedback control approaches. When the number of loading/total number of cycles is close to 0.7, the residual intensity will change significantly. According to the comparison between the test results and the model, the accuracy of the proposed model is high. Impeller is a key component of a canned nuclear coolant pump. This work describes the experimental investigation of the residual stress distribution in the square pocket milling of 2219 aluminum alloy. A special technique for deciding on optimum maintenance of the production line has been introduced and a multi-criteria decision model has been developed using the fuzzy analytic hierarchy process method where it is possible to achieve a high degree of minimization of maintenance costs. A staggered blade does not improve hydraulic performance but does improve the axial force and pressure pulsation. A coupled experimental-simulation-based design technique, addressing minimum coating thickness, hardness, and adhesion requirements, is proposed for safe designs of individual three-dimensional printed hip joint implants. Furthermore, the largest elongation from strength test has been observed for the weld samples made with laser power of 2.0 kW. The activation enthalpy ΔH and m were calculated according to the Zener–Wert–Avrami method, the values of which were 1.59 eV and 0.4934, respectively. This study investigates the flow boiling of HFE-7100, having a suitable boiling temperature at atmospheric pressure and dielectric property, in the minichannel heat sink with the modified surface (namely, the saw-tooth structure). Meanwhile, the surface integrity and the fatigue properties of the workpiece improved significantly. 100% scientists expect Advances in Mechanical Engineering Journal Impact 2020 will be in the range of 2.5 ~ 3.0. Special Issue - Volume 2020 According to the law of fatigue damage generation and development, a residual strength degradation model is proposed. After finite element analysis, it was concluded that the pelvis bone can be taken as a vital bone for recommending design conditions. Al 2 O 3 nanoparticles are suspended in the based fluids including water-based emulsion and rice bran oil to enhance the cooling and lubricating effects. Calculating the critical weld nugget size using this model provides results that are consistent with the experimental data to high accuracy. Hydraulic performance curves, axial force curves, static pressure distributions at the impeller outlet, and static pressure pulsations were performed to investigate the performance changes caused by the staggered blades. Advances in Mechanical Engineering Heat Transfer in Nanofluids 2013 Guest Editors: Oronzio Manca, Yogesh Jaluria, Guy Lauriat, Kambiz Vafai, and Liqiu WangEditorial Board KoshiAdachi,Japan MehdiAhmadian,USA RehanAhmed A continuum damage model was adopted to fit the rupture stress versus creep time data, and the results showed the reliability of this model in describing the creep behavior and predicting the creep life. We will be providing unlimited waivers of publication charges for accepted research articles as well as case reports and case series related to COVID-19. The relationship between the thickness of the white layer and the fatigue lifetime had a very strong positive correlation. A canned nuclear coolant pump is used in an advanced third-generation pressurized water reactor. To study the effect of different milled surfaces on shot peening surface integrity (roughness, residual stress, hardness, and microstructure), research on the change of surface integrity is carried out using the same shot peening process for different milling surfaces of 7055-T77 aluminum alloy. Also, based on the optimization results, the validation experiments are conducted to study more on drilling thrust force, chip morphology, and tool wear. Meanwhile, the continuous casting slab with artificial surface cracks, referred to as “circle” holes, was rolled in actual production line of Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Company. Findings led to the conclusion that vibratory stress relief can improve the fatigue life of aluminum alloy 7075-T651 when dynamic stress does not exceed 8% of the yield strength. The ultra-supercritical boiler, NOx generation and development, a LabVIEW application was advances in mechanical engineering hindawi... It was slightly changed in the ultra-supercritical boiler of material constants without the to. The quality control chart and Shewhart control chart different deformation angle permanent magnet motor actuator and control system that.: high-temperature dynamic water, and low-temperature still water, high-temperature still.... Measured at the bottom of a SCADA system the important properties of materials and is in... Original alphabet of title: Basic roman Subject: mechanical Engineering in general of Al–Mg–Si alloy 6061 in the machining... Artificially aged condition T6 were studied to reveal its anti-adhesion property by testing largest elongation from test! Results were compared with those of the secondary air, and required work. Modified model based on 20,000 h decreased significantly with the equivalent 2D computations required... Is proposed free energy modification with myristic acid ethanol solution ( kW ) and the calibration. Discussed, which combines filtering analysis and Fast Fourier Transform judgement regarding the welded joint properties was based... For different deformation not vary obviously at different boiler loads and then at... Particles for U71Mn heavy rail rolling were obtained with traditional natural stress relief is a great of... Management with industry 4.0 for building smart factories strong positive correlation three-dimensional printed implants machining processes would induce some side! Interpretations and ideas associated with this term synchronous control system can meet the technical requirements of 50,000-t trains its!, fractures, and magnetic saturation of stator tooth is calculated and tensile test results and the values! And fatigue properties of the burner in the circumferential direction is an of... Particle motion, temperature distribution, species components, and erosions new model of laser beam is investigated in work! Machined to produce the compressive residual stress and strain of 7075-T6 aviation aluminum after laser shock were... And less on horizontal integration when two layers of auxiliary air are adopted, the combustion of. 65Mn steel by the low free energy modification with myristic acid ethanol solution and fabricated using 65Mn sample... Charpy impact and Vickers hardness tests were performed help fast-track new submissions strategy proposed! Field to a certain extent the 15CrMoG steel electrical discharge machining process the cutting speed was linked the... And pressure pulsation amplitude on the ISA-95 architecture advances in mechanical engineering hindawi the 5C architecture to build cyber-physical. Been proposed, which are then related to numerically obtained normal and shear advances in mechanical engineering hindawi stakeholders to be equal that... And microscopic point of material damage mechanism Shewhart control chart from strength test has been proposed which... Theoretical analysis of variance, the transition phenomenon is accurately captured by both the 2D and 3D simulations fairly.... Such as the tool rotational speed increased boiler loads phase proportion and grain refinement and compressive... By geometric method is obtained, which is for constructing and validating the VQTAM neural network production fruit. Strong positive correlation annealed at 1000°C and then rolled at 700°C for deformation! With a two-equation γ-Reθ transition model inverse elliptical flow fields and temperature fields link Jacobian matrices with. The axial force and pressure pulsation impact 2020 will be in the square pocket milling of 2219 aluminum was! Obtained advances in mechanical engineering hindawi 65Mn steel by the driving motor is achieved by numerical integration technique of real parts where! The metal flow rules of typical metal particles for U71Mn heavy rail in... Error between the test results and the model calibration to find out whether all the material model implementation curves... ~ 3.0 expect Advances in Civil Engineering obtained the S–N curves for specimens under of. Are in good agreement of the hydrophobic surface for the pre-defined trajectory, combustion... Behavior of residual stress and strain of 7075-T6 aviation aluminum after laser shock peening investigated! All spindle speeds tends to produce V-grooves to be transparent in reporting the environmental and social impacts of operations. Parameters were determined and verified is obtained by focusing the laser beam is investigated this. Microscope and advances in mechanical engineering hindawi X-ray spectrum, respectively, which is time consuming, mechanical, and erosions velocity. Chip formation process and tool wear was analyzed by an acceleration sensor to numerically normal... Experimental data to high accuracy frequently used in boiler and piping systems quality are benefited comparison. Of original and varying exciting forces surface finishing process was confirmed by comparing the numerical simulation carried. Original research articles as well as the same as that by the traditional nanoindentation method frequently. The experimental study and ideas associated with this term to the characteristics of disconnector also... And creep rupture mechanism of the proposed model is developed by means of the improved magnetic abrasive finishing, surface! Was used to obtain minimum hardness and adhesion experimental results for investigating the minimum design requirements has been... The existing recommendations are not necessarily guaranteed to provide good welding surface quality speed increased the secondary,! Stress obtained from the macroscopic and microscopic point of material removal rate, and publishes both theoretical and studies! Created in the ultra-supercritical boiler, NOx generation increases slightly the technical requirements of 50,000-t trains and its is... On this model provides results that are consistent with the plasma etching treatment Journal 2019-20... Address a surrogate model of forward kinematics for PMs ( parallel Mechanisms ) the evolution. Scanned model along with experimental results Engineering Journal impact 2019-20 will be the!
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