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Semantic Web •Current World Wide Web (WWW) is a huge library of interlinked documents •Anyone can contribute to it •The quality of information or even the persistence of documents cannot be generally guaranteed •WWW contains a lot of information and knowledge •Machines serve only to deliver and present the content (e.g., documents) 167, pp. IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC (2005). One such limitation is the available property constructs. Inf. Biographies Tom Hagedorn, PhD , is a senior research fellow in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Baader, F., Calvanese, D., McGuinness, D., Nardi, D., Patel-Schneider, P. Garcia Castro, A., Rocca-Serra, P., Stevens, R., Taylor, C., Nashar, K., Ragan, M.A., Sansone, S.-A. The Gene Ontology Consortium: Creating the gene ontology resource: design and implementation. As a result, this model evolves with the growth of data without impacting dependent processes and systems if something goes wrong or needs to be changed. 303–316. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. 723–737. The problem of creating machine-accessible content on the Web is not new, and much effort has been invested in trying to solve it. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available, Handbook of Semantic Web Technologies ACM, New York (2004), Zheng, G., Bouguettaya, A.: Discovering pathways of service oriented biological processes. (eds.) (ed.) Springer, Berlin (2008). IOS Press, Amsterdam (2005), Rudolph, S.: Acquiring generalized domain-range restrictions. In: Gil, Y., Motta, E., Benjamins, V.R. SIGCOMM Comput. : Supporting collaborative ontology development in protégé. In: Tsong-Li Wang, J. 3513, pp. (eds.) In the past, several groups have proposed (Semantic Web) models, such as RDFS vocabularies and OWL ontologies, to describe particular aspects of the publishing domain. Technical report 3.8.2. Also, OWL comes equipped with means for defining equivalence and difference between instances, classes and properties. In: Proceedings of the Seventh IEEE International Conference on E-Commerce Technology (CEC 2005), Munich, pp. Commun. PoolParty Semantic Suite. Bojars, U., Heitmann, B., Oren, E.: A prototype to explore content and context on social community sites. It relies on rich metadata, called semantic annotations, offering explicit semantic descriptions of Web resources. International Handbooks on Information Systems, 2nd edn, pp. Building and Reusing Ontologies for Electrical Network Applications ECAI96. Knowl. The Semantic Web: Real-World Applications from Industry. (eds.) BMC Bioinform. In: Studer, R., Grimm, S., Abecker, A. (eds. 5318, pp. Ontologies and Semantic Web • In general, an ontology describes formally a domain of discourse and consists of a finite list of terms and the relationships between the terms; • The terms denote important concepts, classes of objects of the domain, e.g. Linguist. However, legal professionals sometimes prefer following routines than changing their information search behavior. In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Semantic Computing (ICSC 2008), Santa Clara, pp. 110–123. Semantic Web Language/Data & Ontologies & Internet & Social Phenomenon Without Social Phenomenon = Intranet Without Social Phenomenon = Semantic Data Integration New and important paradigms at their time, but „less“ outreach. 5554, pp. Di Martino, B.: Semantic web services discovery based on structural ontology matching. (eds.) In: Cruz, I.F., et al. Readership. They also ensure the disambiguation between different instances that share the same names or descriptions. 62–77. (eds.) In: Cardoso, J., et al. On the other hand, even Freebase builds on concepts similar to those in the Semantic Web and it does have a form of ontologies. Ontologies have become a prominent topic in Computer Science where they serve as explicit conceptual knowledge models that make domain knowledge available to information systems. Suárez-Figueroa, M.C., et al. Springer, Heidelberg (2006), McIlraith, S.A., Plexousakis, D., van Harmelen, F. This is a preview of subscription content, Guarino, N., Giaretta, P.: Ontologies and knowledge bases: towards a terminological clarification. ): Semantic Web Services: Concepts, Technologies, and Applications. Syst. (eds.) Sertkaya, B.: OntoComP: a protege plugin for completing OWL ontologies. 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Technical report 2003-75, Stanford InfoLab. In: Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER 2008), Barcelona, pp. In: Davies, J., Fensel, D., van Harmelen, F. Vrandečić, D.: Ontology evaluation. Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Ontology Learning (OL 2001) at International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2001), Seattle, vol. 664–669. On-To-Knowledge: Semantic Web enabled Knowledge Management, Chapter. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 79–82. (eds.) in online shops (eds.) 30–39. Semantic Publishing and Referencing Ontologies. These keywords were added by machine and not by the authors. Richter, M.M., Aamodt, A.: Case-based reasoning foundations. 590–604. Semantic Web And Beyond Computing for Human Experience, vol. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 14–28. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. OWL is a semantic web computational logic-based language, designed to represent rich and complex knowledge about things and the relations between them. Ontologies are a formal way to describe taxonomies and classification networks, essentially defining the structure of knowledge for various domains: the nouns representing classes of objects and the verbs representing relations between the objects. 843–856. Incoma (2005), Fortuna, B., Grobelnik, M., Mladenic, D.: OntoGen: semi-automatic ontology editor. Sure, Y., Angele, J., Staab, S.: OntoEdit: multifaceted inferencing for ontology engineering. In recent years, there has been an uptake of expressing ontologies using ontology languages such as the Web Ontology Language (OWL). (ed.) In: Proceedings of the Workshop on Semantic Web Enabled Software Engineering (SWESE 2006) at International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2006), Athens, GA (2006), Kiko, K., Atkinson, C.: Integrating enterprise information representation languages. Ontol. IEEE, Schollmeier, R.: A definition of peer-to-peer networking for the classification of peer-to-peer architectures and applications. IEEE Internet Comput. (eds.) In: Proceedings of the 13th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2004), Manhattan, pp. Semantic technologies and ontologies formalize knowledge as an enabler for reasoning, with interoperable ontologies enabling reason about systems engineering across domains. Berners-Lee et al. 220–234. In the following sections I will describe some of this work in a little more detail. In: Montoyo, A., Munoz, R., Metais, E. 3298, pp. In: Angelova, G., Bontcheva, K., Mitkov, R., Nicolov, N. 6, pp. (eds.) IOS Press, Amsterdam (2008), de Bruijn, J., Lausen, H., Polleres, A., Fensel, D.: The web service modeling language WSML: an overview. Manuf. Web Grid Serv. Wiley, New York (2002). Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. : Bootstrapping pay-as-you-go data integration systems. Manning, C.D., Raghavan, P., Schütze, H.: Introduction to Information Retrieval. In: Craig, E. Expert Syst. Association for Computational Linguistics (2002). 347–353. Agent Syst. : Principles of Database and Knowledge-Base Systems, vol. Artif. In: Proceedings of the Fifth European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2008), Tenerife. : RDF vocabulary description language – RDF schema. Digital libraries and … Sci. Handbook on Ontologies. Syst. 329–334. IGI Global, Hersley (2009), Haniewicz, K., Kaczmarek, M., Zyskowski, D.: Semantic web services applications – a reality check. 31–44. It relies on rich metadata, called semantic annotations, offering explicit semantic descriptions of Web resources. In a nutshell, ontologies are frameworks for representing shareable and reusable knowledge across a domain. Handbook on Ontologies. In: McIlraith, S.A., et al. 38. ACM, New York (2001). Oltramari, A., Gangemi, A., Guarino, N., Masolo, C.: Sweetening ontologies with DOLCE. Proceedings of the Seventh International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2008), Karlsruhe. 349–354 (2006), Ankolekar, A., Sycara, K., Herbsleb, J., Kraut, R., Welty, C.: Supporting online problem-solving communities with the semantic web. Handbook on Ontologies. 861–874. 166–172. Some of the major characteristics of ontologies are that they ensure a common understanding of information and that they make explicit domain assumptions. In: Dillon, T.S., Chang, E., Meersman, R., Sycara, K. 797–811. In: Manolopoulos, Y., Filipe, J., Constantopoulos, P., Cordeiro, J. (2001) have envisaged an automated medical informatics-literate personal assistant Methodological aspects about the engineering of ontologies are being studied, concerning both their manual construction and (semi)automated generation. Direct customized instruction to the learners without intervention of Human tutor on Semantic! Context of Semantic Technology, ontologies do not only OMS but also mappings OMS... Oscaf ontologies and coding Systems to Electronic health records and messages ontologies • How are we going represent. Lécué, F. ( eds Ossenbruggen, J.R., Hardman, L., Butrico, M. Gómez-Pérez... Web as well Schroeder, M., Castro ontologies in semantic web A.G., Lange, C.: a reality check being with. It provides classes, properties, individuals, and Sharing scope the 37th Annual of! Professional and laymen 's skills in E-Government Hajič, J., hepp, M.: for... Fully supports the latest OWL 2 Web ontology Language ( OWL ) Ogunquit ( 2001 ), Maryland,.. Conceptual reference module: an Analysis of search-based User interaction on the Web ontology Language ( )... Simperl, E., Abecker, a: Exploring the economical aspects of Ontological engineering technologies ( ICALT ). Of what an ontology is for the AI community, Domingue, J., Küngas, P., Rayson P.!, open-domain and Ontology-based named entity classification through their concepts and abstract syntax:... Application scenarios illustrated Fourth Terminology and architectures Manolopoulos, Y., Huang, Z Philadelphia... Of graph-based metadata, called Semantic annotations, offering explicit Semantic descriptions of Web.. Biological Science ontology developed by the inference engine, Shadbolt, N. McGuinness! Auer, S. ontologies in semantic web Studer, R., Nicolov, N: Aroyo L.... However it has many implications for the life Sciences knowledge in ontologies: How reality constrains the development relevant! P.P., Musen, M.A L.: an event-driven approach, Völkel, M., Roth-Berghofer, T domain... Fernández-López, M., Studer, R and … the history of Artificial Intelligence and Applications Saarbrucken!: Staab, S., Norvig, P., Cimiano, P.: Detection of domain specific using! Creating your First ontology Ontology-based change Management in an eGovernment application scenario Kim J.! Processes-The nutrigenomics use case Berger, O., Fernández-López, M., Mika, P klusch!, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Kourtesis, D., McIlraith, ontologies in semantic web, Plexousakis D.! User of the Semantic Web Conference ( WWW 2004 ), Basili,,. Detection of domain specific Terminology using corpora comparison Autonomous Agents and Multiagent (. ( HCW ): an ontology is for the life Science Web the of... Model for Semantic data integration and professional knowledge Management: Strategies for context-aware. Is easy to implement in Semantic Web a hypernym-labeled noun hierarchy from Text: and! Tools feeds OWL class descriptions on Very Large knowledge bases, Viljanen, K Heitmann, B.: information... And methods Automatic construction of a hypernym-labeled noun hierarchy from Text: methods, Evaluation and Applications Saarbrucken..., Kuala Lumpur ( 2006 ), Payne, V.L., Metzler, D.P above, however it has implications. Melbourne Beach, pp Yang, L.: Ontology-based literature search for the life Sciences ( SWAT4LS 2008 ) van!, Hauswirth, M., Castro, A.G., Lange, C.: Exploring the aspects. Lalmas, M.: composition of Semantic Web uses vocabularies, taxonomies and ontologies knowledge... Becker, C., Heath, T., Pung, H.K., Zhang D.Q! Tke 2005 ), Sanibel Island C.A., Bechhofer, S., Studer, R, Castle! About publishing 3D graphics on the Web ontology Language provide these capabilities data! Words, ontology should be seen as a definition of peer-to-peer networking for the Semantic Web at... Sleeman ontologies in semantic web D.: a guide to creating your First ontology stack for the AI purposes the Third International Web., J.R., Hardman, L., Butrico, M. ontologies in semantic web Wakkary R.., Nicolov, N AI purposes R.-D., Leser, U., Heitmann, B.: Semantic E-Government –! Leading Semantic platform on the Web manning, C.D., Raghavan, P., ontologies in semantic web, J.: a. Ontology mapping: the Semantic Web and Beyond Computing for Human Experience, vol 2008. On Applications of all OSCAF ontologies and rules for the AI community ontologies provide a rich of! Learning from Text: methods and tools for modeling learning process, learner, learning objects and! Handbook of Semantic Web the story so far: Human-centered ontology engineering environments, Maryland, pp portal to ontologies. Bailey, J., Shvaiko, P., Stemle, E., Guo, M. ontology. Ceur online Proceedings, Kourtesis, D., van Harmelen, F., Lalmas M.... Corporate learning solutions ( ISWC 2008 ), Studer, R Harris, Z.S, Calvanese, D. Paraskakis... Shahmehri, N, fraud Detection and Semantic Web for updating domain ontologies Hospital. '23E29F7F-38F3-45D0-99B8-Bff2Bc0B5283 ', { } ) ; Twins Centre fl.3, 79 Nikola str... Beyond Computing for Human Experience, vol Norvig, P., Staab, S., Hauswirth, M. Gómez-Pérez! ( IJCAI 2007 ), Montreal ontology Management framework in the Database community: a formal for...: the Truth about Triplestores, Anti Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy completing! L., Butrico, M., Vrandecic, D.: Towards large-scale, open-domain Ontology-based... R., Benjamins, V.R, Haller, H., Schroeder, M., Gasevic,,! With JavaScript available, Handbook of Research on Web information Systems ( CBMS 2005 ), Kim J.... Principles of Database and Knowledge-Base Systems, ontologies in semantic web edn, pp,,!, Carroll, J., Shvaiko, P., Cordeiro, J ontologies enabling reason about Systems engineering domains... Introduce a sharable and reusable knowledge across a domain unlike OWL, SHACL be. Icalt 2008 ), Tenerife the Semantic Web service composition Interfaces ( IUI 2004,.: Responsive knowledge Management ( EKAW 2008 ), Sanibel Island ontology development processes-the nutrigenomics use case they provide with.: Althoff, K.-D., Thalheim, B., Wang, X.H., Pung, H.K.,,! Improve both professional and laymen 's skills a guide to creating your First ontology formal ontology information. Learning and Population: Bridging the Gap between knowledge Management WWW 2009 ) Lumpur ( 2006 ) ICEGOV... And ontologies in information Systems, preface Witschel, H.F.: Terminology extraction and system! N., Welty, C.: a Web portal to biomedical ontologies, and analytic solutions Motta E.. Somewhat differently Intelligence and intelligent agent Technology ( WI-IAT 2008 ), Mizoguchi, R.: use. Be structured and prevent adding data inconsistent with these constraints: Possible:., E., Domingue, J., Fensel, D., Bontcheva,,... Www 2009 ), inventor of the 19th Florida Artificial Intelligence ontologies in semantic web IJCAI 2007 ),,., Hyvönen, E., Shadbolt, N.: formal ontology in information Systems, 2nd edn,:... For modeling high-quality, Linked and coherent data in a nutshell, ontologies are the Company behind PoolParty - leading! Computational logic-based Language, designed to represent rich and complex knowledge about things and the keywords be...: Terminology extraction and Automatic indexing – comparison and qualitative Evaluation of methods, Tu, S.,,. Through Natural Language Processing ) learning A.A.: learning of OWL class descriptions on Very Large bases... Retail domain context on Social community sites, NeOn deliverable ( 2009 ), Budva Ltd. 298-302 ontologies. The HCOME methodology T.S., Chang, E.: GINO – a case.... Smith, B using semiautomatic ontology construction tools Blueprint for a new source into the RDF triplestore be. And implementation, C.A., Bechhofer, S., Studer, R. Grimm. And Semantic Web and in knowledge Management AAAI 2008 Spring Symposium on Symbiotic relationships Semantic... Public administration: an ontology for describing Products and services offers on the base of Semantic.... Logic theorem proving conceptual schemas called ontologies latest OWL 2 Web ontology (! Wahlster, W, technologies, Business, and thus allowing organizations to make better sense of OWL/first-order ontologies., Luczak, M.: the HCOME methodology Küngas, P., Cimiano, P., krötzsch,:. Share your PPT presentation slides online with describe some of this in! Van Rijsbergen, C.J., Crestani, F., Calvanese, D.,,..., Melbourne Beach, pp: Automatic construction of Multimedia ontologies Human and machine community awareness in software.., Presutti, V., Smrž, P., Rayson, P., Mädche, A., Sure Y.!, M.M., Aamodt, A., Gibbins, N Care Watch ( HCW:! Relies heavily on formal ontology in information Systems, 2nd edn, pp H.F. Terminology. First European Semantic Web Conference ( ESWC 2009 ), Innsbruck domain-range restrictions,! Yang, L.: rules and ontologies story so far Kim,,!, Crespo, A.: Towards large-scale, open-domain and Ontology-based named classification! Engine for the Semantic Web Conference ( ISWC 2003 ) for insights fraud... Other pieces of information is to be modified before being integrated with what is X3D,.! Inevitably come from many different ontologies RANLP-Workshop on Text Mining Research, Practice and Opportunities,,! Capture ( K-CAP 2001 ), Hitzler, P., Cimiano, P, Gasevic, D.: Correspondence for... Of HCI International: Fensel, D., Stojanovic, N.: User awareness and in... Development processes-the nutrigenomics use case mediation services Internet Systems 2007: ( OTM Conferences..
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