Antarctic Star 1.6cu.ft Wine Cooler/Cabinet Beverage Refrigerator Small Mini Red & White Wine Cellar Beer Soda Clear Front Glass Door Counter Top Bar Fridge Quiet Operation Compressor Adjust Temperature Freestanding Black. The size ranges from 10 inches to 48 inches and 6-25 bottle capacity. Some models also offer a heating option to warm up food or … Small Wine Coolers: Store Up To 25 Bottles On Your Countertops. One of the inbuilt flaws with many small wine coolers is the tedious vibration and noise that can emanate from them. With dual zones, you can keep both white and red wine at exactly the right temperature to ensure your evening glass goes down a treat. In case you can’t decide yet, here is a recap of all of the units featured above: David J Sharp is a wine equipment expert, having previously worked with some of the best wine cooler manufacturers within the USA. Fortunately, there are excellent wine coolers and fridges designed for various bottle capacities. As long as you’ve got the spare room, this beast of an 18-bottle cooler is a superb addition to any wine fan’s kitchen. When you’re looking to keep your wine at its very best, you need to pay close attention to both these areas but why is this? Your email address will not be published. Things We Like. 37 reviews. For white wine, shoot for anywhere from 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit (4 to 10°C). Once the cork starts to dry out, air will come inside the bottle. Things We Like. At, you’ll find wine cellars and wine coolers with a variety of features to match your needs. Things We Like, OK, with our reviews wrapped, we’ll round out with some handy pointers to help you simplify your buying decision and the answers to 5 of the most frequently asked questions…. You can find out more about LoveCraftWines here. SAVE $253. What’s not to love? The thermoelectric cooling technology used in this unit makes it a very efficient wine cooler for 6 bottles of red and white wines. Even better, some coolers include dual temperature compartments, … Along with the temperature and lighting angle, by storing your wine in an upright position, the bottle will dry and exposure to the elements can occur. You can easily view all your bottles as the LCD lights illuminate the unit. With easily adjustable temperature over a respectable range, the Magic Chef is a great example of good things coming in small packages. As well as a perfect environment for your wine, you’ll also have the ideal noise-free environment for yourself. It looks very elegant in black color and the LED interior light, which is always on, provides an excellent ambiance in any room. Equally as important as this breadth of temperature is the accuracy…. In addition, it can also be an excellent addition to the interior design of your kitchen, bar, or private setting. Thermoelectric cooling ensures you won’t get any of that enervating thrum and vibration that often mars low quality wine fridges. Danby® offers a variety of sizes that hold anywhere from 17 bottles up to a maximum of 75 bottles. NutriChef PKCWC150 Refrigerator-White & Red Chiller Countertop Cooler-Freestanding Compact Mini Wine Fridge 15 Bottle Capacity, 13.6’’ x 17.7’’ x 27.2’’, Black by Nutrichef CDN$ 366.11 We’re just finishing up with our latest batch of testing and we’ll be delighted to report our findings in the next few days. Convenient to use because of the exterior digital touchscreen for temperature controls and 7 pull-out shelves for maximum storage, this wine cooler is innovatively designed to fit wine lifestyle and hobby of true wine connoisseurs. For a class-leading example of keeping your wine fresher for longer without breaking the bank, this is a solid choice. has now acquired, Address: 1239 19th St Santa Monica, CA 90404 USA, Ivation 18 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator w/Lock, #1 Editor’s Recommendation – Excellent size, Great Reviews. Yes, they are available in different sizes. Small but mighty, EdgeStar’s 7-bottle single zone wine fridge can live on any surface or tight floor space thanks to its sleek, streamlined design. Appliances. Featuring a compact but decorative wine cooler, NutriChef designed this with an ultra-quiet operating thermoelectric cooling technology and adjustable temperature. The Marathon deluxe dual zone wine cooler is the solution to keeping your beverages chilled in any room setting. This is the best small wine cooler for your wine cooling and storage needs. Things We Like. Technical … Best Small Wine Coolers & Fridges – Top 15, Magic Chef MCWC6B 6-Bottle Single-Zone Small Wine Cooler, Commercial Cool CCWT060TB Thermoelectric 6 Bottle Small Wine Cooler, Thermal Electric CCWT080MB 8 Bottle Small Wine Cooler, NutriChef 8 Bottle Thermoelectric Small Wine Refrigerator, NutriChef 8 Bottle Thermoelectric Small Wine Cooler, Magic Chef MCWC12B 12-Bottle Single-Zone Small Wine Cooler, NutriChef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Small Wine Fridge, Ivation Stainless Steel 12 Bottle Compressor Small Wine Refrigerator, AKDY 16 Bottle Compressor Freestanding Small Wine Cooler Refrigerator, Whynter WC-16S SNO 16 Bottle Small Wine Cooler with Lock, Koldfront TWR160S 16 Bottle Thermoelectric Small Wine Cooler, NutriChef PKTEWC180 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Small Wine Refrigerator, NutriChef PKTEWCDS1802 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Small Wine Fridge, Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Small Wine Refrigerator. Coolness is evenly distributed because of the built-in circulation and ventilation grill, ensuring that each bottle is chilled to perfection in its horizontal and vertical shelves. Its thermostat is adjustable so that it will meet your preferences or desired temperature for chilling. Small-capacity wine coolers. Elegant, classy, and minimalist design, AKDY built this wine cooler for the true wine connoisseur who wants optimal temperature for all bottles of wine. Things We Like. You should also take care to chill white wine for fully 90 minutes before serving. Our overall pick for best small wine fridge is this classic stainless steel effort from Ivation. Wine Enthusiast Silent Wine Refrigerator (18 bottle) If you’re looking for a great … Top 10 Best 25-Bottle Wine Coolers & Fridges (2020 Review), Top 10 Best 100-Bottle Wine Fridges & Coolers (2020 Review), Top 10 Best 45 Bottle Wine Coolers & Fridges, Top 10 Best 29-Bottle Wine Coolers & Fridges (2020 Review), Top 7 Best Through Wall Wine Cellar Cooling Units (2020 Review), Top 2 Best Ducted Wine Cellar Cooling Units (2020 Review), Top 8 Best 18-Bottle Wine Fridges & Coolers (2020 Review), Top 8 Best 20-Bottle Wine Fridges & Coolers (2020 Review), Magic Chef MCWC6B 6-Bottle Single-Zone Small Wine Cooler –, Commercial Cool CCWT060TB Thermoelectric 6 Bottle Small Wine Cooler –, Thermal Electric CCWT080MB 8 Bottle Small Wine Cooler –, NutriChef 8 Bottle Thermoelectric Small Wine Refrigerator –, NutriChef 8 Bottle Thermoelectric Small Wine Cooler –, Magic Chef MCWC12B 12-Bottle Single-Zone Small Wine Cooler –, NutriChef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Small Wine Fridge –, Ivation Stainless Steel 12 Bottle Compressor Small Wine Refrigerator –, AKDY 16 Bottle Compressor Freestanding Small Wine Cooler Refrigerator –, Whynter WC-16S SNO 16 Bottle Small Wine Cooler with Lock –, Koldfront TWR160S 16 Bottle Thermoelectric Small Wine Cooler –, NutriChef PKTEWC180 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Small Wine Refrigerator –, NutriChef PKTEWCDS1802 18 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Small Wine Fridge –, Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Small Wine Refrigerator –, Package includes: 1 x Thermoelectric-based Wine Cooler, 1 x instruction, 2 removable sculpted chrome wine bottle racks, Package includes: 1 x Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Refrigerator, 1 x instruction, Ultra-quiet thermal electric cooling technology, Touch panel for convenient adjusting of temperature, Package includes: 1 x Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, 1 x instruction, Digital touch display for temperature control, Thermoelectric cooling technology in accurate precision, Reinforced glass door with airtight seal feature, High precision Thermoelectric cooling technology, Sleek appearance with a reinforced glass door, Electronic control panel with LED display, Temperature range: 50°F- 64°F single-zone, Thermoelectric cooling technology in high precision, Adjustable temperature on touch screen control panel, Package includes: 1 x Compressor Wine Cooler, 1 x instruction, An energy-efficient thermoelectric cooling system, Insulated interior with solid polyurethane heavy foam, Exterior digital controls and LCD temperature display, Temperature range: 40°F- 50°F upper zone; 50°F- 66°F lower zone, Package includes: 1 x Compressor-based Wine Cooler, 1 x instruction, Built-in compressor operates to distribute cool air evenly, Enhanced Blue Light LCD temperature display, Exterior digital touchscreen temperature controls, UV resistant, double-paned thermopane glass, 6 pull-out chrome shelves with display at bottom, Equipped with accurate precision thermoelectric cooling technology, Adjustable temperature through digital touch-button display, Temperature range: 46°F- 64°F upper zone; 54°F- 64°F lower zone, LCD digital display and temperature touch controls, Innovative vertical shelving to keep an opened bottle of wine in proper storage, Temperature range: 46°F- 66°F upper zone; 54°F- 66°F lower zone, Dual-zone temperature; top zone holds 8 bottles; lower zone holds 10 bottles. In this article, we recommend 15 best small wine coolers and fridges along with their descriptions and technical specifications. It cannot be used for large groups as well, because the unit, in its compact size, can only hold a few bottles. With a 43-bottle capacity, there is ample storage for you to stock your favourite red and white wines. A freestanding unit that makes a real conversation piece for your guests, you can slip in a brace of bottles and keep the temperature regulated a treat. Things We Like. The small size of these wine coolers allows you to have your favorite flavors always chilled at the right temperature. 3) How long does wine last in the fridge unopened? Small wine refrigerators can often maintain their temperature easier than large wine fridges, due to their smaller capacity, meaning less air to cool. Our overall pick for best small wine fridge is this classic stainless steel effort from Ivation. Optimum temperature varies depending on the type of wine. At its perfect dual-zone temperature makes wine chilling and storing even more précised, especially with the latest high-tech cooling features. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This variation allows you to keep your wine at precisely the temperature you need throughout its aging cycle so it always remains at its finest. Portable mini fridges designed to hold wine and other beverages let you take cold drinks with you to a campsite, work location or outdoor sporting event. If you want a high quality, small, 8-bottle capacity thermoelectric wine refrigerator, this may be the ideal choice for you. For a versatile and solidly built wine cooler from a brand you can trust, this is our pick for best built-in wine fridge. Things We Like. Kiss goodbye to furled and damaged labels or wine past its best in no time. However, you can rest assured, that all of the wine coolers featured in this article are the creme-de-la-creme of small-sized wine coolers, so all that you need to really know is, capacity, dimension and usage requirements. $179.99$179.99 (4-5 days) This unit comes with safety lock features so that kids will not be able to open the unit freely. Required fields are marked *. Mini wine fridges are ideal for anyone who lives in small spaces and to all who prefer the compact size, also for those who have a large collection of wines but prefer to have a few within reach anytime. Things We Like. Can’t you just pop it in the regular refrigerator or leave it in a cupboard under the stairs? Can dispenser, reversible door, adjustable legs and easy-to-use mechanical controls. Super-slim, this fridge can be built into tight spaces fuss-free so it makes a great asset if you’ve got a small kitchen but won’t compromise on wine storage. You can even blend it to your home and kitchen appliances in its sleek and stylish design. The efficient thermoelectric cooling system is vibration-free and thermostat adjustable through the LCD display that is enhanced with blue light. Shop our amazing collection of Wine & Mini Fridges online and get free shipping on $99+ orders in Canada. OK… With the stage briefly set, we’ll bring you the results of our testing with more than 14 of the best small wine cellars so you can see which sizing would work best for your requirements. It is a compressor-based wine cooler that rapidly chills wine bottles in dual zones. Wine coming into contact with either too much light or an unsuitable temperature means a loss of control, freshness and flavor. All the best coolers will have your bottle neatly stacked on their sides to avoid this. COMPACT WINE COOLER - 12 inch wine cooler can be used undercounter built-in or freestanding, compact size can fit virtually anywhere in … Things We Like. The age of the wine also declines rapidly. If you want a small dual zone wine fridge that will store and chill up to 16 bottles of wines and serve as decorative appliance, AKDY 16-bottle compressor-based wine cooler is what you need. This affords you the ultimate flexibility in a single hard-hitting unit. The racks inside the refrigerator can be removed and arranged to … You can fine-tune this throughout its lifetime so you can work with the aging process and enjoy your prized wine tasting just the way it should do. At the upper threshold of what can be considered a small wine fridge, this 20-bottle behemoth from Whynter. While this is by no means a dainty cooler, in return for those extra pounds and inches you’ll get a hard-hitting unit capable of keeping a larger wine collection in peak shape. It is built with high precision thermoelectric cooling technology that is quietly operating. Featured with a variety of functions, designs, and flexibility, these mini wine fridges can be installed built-in or freestanding depending on your choice. It looks great in its black color and the recessed handle on the door adds style. Its temperature can be adjusted and controlled through the electronic control panel and LED display. No doubt this unit will match your kitchen appliances and enhance your interior design in its stylish sleek stainless steel frame.
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