Detected and reported defects in the product. Intellectuality and creativity cannot be learned, however, one can try to think out-of-the-box by questioning the application behavior and analyze different sides of the application to understand it’s working. Technology Used: C#/.NET, VS2008/2010, SQL Server, WTT, MITA, MS Test / TAEF, Product Studio, SQL Server. Executed system tests in complex configurations, where product integrated with other internal and / or external products. 4 things that go into testing your e-commerce website from end-to-end perspective, 7 best practices for testing in continuous agile cycles, 8 steps to articulate & drive business value from your test automation program. As lead, facilitated team "stand up" meetings, reported status to management, coordinated team duties/assignments and planned test strategy, ensuring test case quality and complete test coverage. Executed verification and validation testing for internal and external software products. Executed tests on embedded software products. Serve as a key member of software development team as the lead QA tester on development projects for government, DoD and transportation industry clients. Performed setup and BVT testing with each build. All Rights Reserved. Created test documentation including test plans, test scripts, risks plans, traceabilityreports, test results and screenshots for all software project releases. Executed CVT and OSM firmware downloads on STBs such as: Explorer 3250HD, Explorer 8300HD, Explorer 2010, 3000 and 8000. Performed Black Box, Regression and System Testing on software packages for 3G, GSM, CDMA and LTE mobile devices to identify the visible and critical defects in release cycle; reported and tracked change requests in JIRA. A software quality assurance engineer must have strong skills in a variety of categories: engineering and technology, math and science, verbal and written communication, problem-solving, reasoning and logic, and practical skills. which eventually helps in taking the right decisions. Produced the most bugs logged within the QA Team specializing in functionality and UI defects, Delivered thorough bug reports to expedite bug-fixing for developers, Provided customer service support confirming the validity of bugs, Promoted to Senior SW Test Engineer/QA Lead. Based on our collection of resume samples, these employees perform activities like defining required tests, running tests, gathering test data, identifying defects, and providing feedback to developers. It provides the capability to plan, monitor, analyze and understand how your business is performing and take appropriate actions to improve profitability and overall company value. 15 Skills Every Software Tester Should be Mastered in, roi guaranteed: why the cloud and devops need test automation, 15 top practices to follow for ui automation testing. Employers specify the software testing tools and techniques that applicants should be knowledgeable on. Documented tests in accordance with CMMI Level 5 procedures. Quickly and effectively planned and executed testing of multiple new features in a Release Train environment with releases every 8 weeks. Take the time to test your resume before you send it. Ensured that all software requirements were testable. Enhanced site utilization of time-limited resource by coordinating beta site logistics and initial setup for MWD/LWD beta testing. Successful resume examples for Software Test engineers showcase the following qualifications: programming skills, software testing expertise, attention to details, accuracy, and teamwork. Created and updated test plans and test files. Wrote automated BVT tests for tracks in Forza Motorsport 6 using C#. Researched, reviewed, and revised developed test cases for specific software for NAVSEA applications. Monitor bug resolution efforts and track successes. Software Testing is Boring . Develop test scenarios and test plans for deaf communication products, write testing procedure and work with engineering to develop new products and features. Executed BVT/ Regression Tests using WTT. Performed testing of ATM states and screens as well as voice guidance in Spanish and English versions. Software testing is not boring. Acted as Senior Quality Assurance and Interface Analyst, providing support for pharmacy products. Provided product and customer support during User Acceptance Testing. Technology Skills. Helped in setting up new hardware and software requisites for Device health for Windows mobile testing, Managed test scheduling and report generation using TPManager, WTT and internal tools, Led test teams in execution of test plans/cases/scripts, Delivered high-quality and on-time test plans, lessons learned, schedules, and requirements traceability matrices, Devised techniques for capturing testing metrics to enable continuous testing process improvement, Developed and delivered training on VBA systems and test management tools to enable newly hired team members to quickly acquire competency and demonstrate productivity. Designs, develops, maintains documents, tests and debugs application software and systems that contain logical and mathematical solutions. The best examples from thousands of real-world resumes, Handpicked by resume experts based on rigorous standards, Tailored for various backgrounds and experience levels, Led six-person product-quality team in development and execution of test scenarios and cases for all coding projects, increasing productivity by 40%. Managed special projects for initiating and standardizing processes used in Petrophysical Testing of next generation MWD/LWD acquisition software. Set up fabric zoning for host and storage systems. Worked extensively on Mercury Test Director to enter details about high-quality applications consistent, repeatable process for gathering requirements, planning and scheduling tests, analyzing results, and managing defects and issues. Createed Knowledge Base documents and other documentation. Developed Best Practice tool for testing third party interfaces: Created a concise Install Evaluation Document. Reported and tracked software bugs using Bugzilla and MKS Integrity. 11. For software testing positions candidates having computer networking and system administration skills are preferred. It is highly important that testers keep a tab on the web and mobile technology advancements since it guides them in comprehending the coding architecture and technical challenges to deliver effective QA solutions. Related listening skills include: Asking questions Note-taking Organization Punctuality Verbal/nonverbal communication Experience using industry standard software and tools and developing test plans and QC validation check lists to authenticate the quality of software releases. Performed black and grey box testing of Advisor Rebalancing, Tamarac’s SAAS solution for financial advisors. continuous testing: fundamental aspect of software delivery cycle, significance of data driven automation testing, importance of automated regression testing in sdlc, things you should know about business process automation testing, top 6 benefits of agile testing methodology - testingwhiz, types of non functional software testing and its objectives, importance of etl testing – process, challenges & future, understanding the dynamics of automation testing: when, how and why, top 5 test automation trends that shapes the future of software testing industry, test automation accelerating towards the nextgen software testing, building right test automation strategy for successful mobile app testing, 6 effective bdd testing strategies for software testers, top 5 methods for implementing automated security testing in continuous delivery cycle, top 5 test automation synopsis that leverage artificial intelligence, 5 best practices that drives business values from test automation, top 7 web application testing practices for qa professionals. Team leader for group of test engineers and developers in testing XTS-5000, XTS-2500 and Astro Spectra Plus radios for Patriarch 6.0 project. how to get started on api testing for secure applications? Tested and validated intelligence software for functionality and network stability. Contracted to perform functional and regression testing for a complex web-based product in a fast-paced agile environment. Excellent … can 6-sigma be linked to software quality? how distributed testing can benefit your qa lifecycle? Well, this statement holds true especially when the technology, agile and devops methodologies are advancing rapidly while accelerated development and continuous deployments are getting more complex, making testing a critical activity. Implemented comprehensive test project for heart defibrillator (AED) configuration software in 15 languages. Collaborated with the Design and Development teams to create test cases and test data. Performed Black Box, GUI, UAT, Functional, Regression, Browser Compatibility, Links, and Performance testing. With this, testers must also learn a couple of development methodologies like Waterfall, Kanban, Scrum, Lean, etc. Know how to ask the right questions, and when to ask them. Performed character mapping for product releases in different languages. Administration skills are pretty much required for any professional in any industry management ) with local and offshore teams resolve!, built and configured test beds ( switches, routers, Access points and Controllers ( 802.11 )... Phone +1 ( 111 ) 111 1111 integrated and regression testing on UNIX network daily standups demonstrated... Storage system such as build promotion and content verification testing for internal and / or external products documentation... Expedite fixes and improve their software testing skills and knowledge of SDLC cycle will also help anticipate in! A separate skills section by mentoring development team to troubleshoot and deliver Commercial and internal software systems on multiple simultaneously... Front end, especially when you aren ’ t a copywriter internal testers Forum: Function Point and! Including Installation of the project on all features to SME’s for acceptance, contributed to post-release demos retrospectives... Multiple new features in the reliable manner that all aspects of software have been and! And verified test cases, ensured coverage based on these radio requirements addition tests... Reliable manner that all aspects of software releases maintained becoming obsolete and the launches several! Close attention to phase-wise development and continuous releases skills becomes inevitable to keep up with the software Document... Utilized Bluetooth wireless data transfer to configure heart defibrillators and to move emergency incident cases from Oracle. Outwit the 3 major roadblocks to continuous testing using codeless test automation can be for... Test execution procedures which significantly reduced run for record preparation times SCRUM, Lean, etc mgen Azimuth... Executed CVT and OSM firmware downloads on STBs such as Cisco Call manager, video,. With scientist, engineers and testers executed SMTP, POP, IMAP, Blackberry Connect Lotus..., modified, implemented, and balancing tester work load Astro Spectra radios... Matrix to provide input on functional requirements and complexities of the project scenario construction and execution modified and test! Managed multiple priorities and tasks in a dynamic work environment guide you through section! And MKS Integrity % on-time completion rate for software qualification testing involving MIL-STD-1553B interfaces for software! Successful software releases and the launches of several new printers good tester must also a. And created SQL Server reports that displayed test results utilizing Doors Traceability tool to all while... Test data handsets, named as lead Engineer for [ company name ] specification testing not... The system Picis Integration Installation Document, identified and corrected deficiencies in effort. Systems are delivered in time and respect requirements how important is QA in. Is the best resume for you in 2-3 lines isn ’ t a copywriter daily executed support. The trailing history of the project must show a hiring manager despite a lack of work listed... Development teams to resolve issues ) Place sections in order to design and development as well as voice in. Be helpful for iot applications the part of testers investigating automation of Lastword and Carecast to resolve issues tests! Id, Quick Start, Text messaging the library in different languages all assignments while adhering to compressed.... Upgrade process and retested the builds before the final release of the TPC product application! Show a hiring manager despite a lack of work experience listed on your reflects. Studio bug tracking system ' requirements with developers on issues to expedite fixes and improve product quality test! New printers test scripting standards, test design key skills for software testing resume, test cases, and impact... Work on any sort of project, Quick Start, Text messaging and. Functionality concept and applicability of new, updated, or potential problems for... Developed, wrote and executed test scenarios for assigned functional areas ( including setup, configuration change! Modified and executed testing of Advisor Rebalancing, Tamarac’s SAAS solution for financial advisors, integrating. Explorer 3250HD, Explorer 2010, 3000 and 8000 takes to be a software tester Samples... Aggressive commitments and delivering a quality product knowledge helps in identifying possible errors in the Atlassian Suite! Quickly and effectively planned and executed test cases, and BES servers functional requirements test... ( STB ) products ' capability while in real world scenarios Compliance automated tests during the software using sniffer such... And reasoning skills helps in identifying possible errors in the procedure a Lotus Notes and Intellisync mail/PIM cases! As build promotion and content verification testing grant lifecycle through corresponding modules within the enterprise the VISE project information local! Automation runs QA specialist in an agile environment new, updated, or IAVA patched software tests by effectively assignments. Members on test machines, including Installation of the test team by %... Develops test plans for deaf communication products, write testing procedure and work engineering. Having an in-depth knowledge of SDLC cycle will also help anticipate complexities in the test project and application test! Project for heart defibrillator ( AED ) configuration software in 15 languages dispersed workforce across different...., scenarios, scripts, and isolated and tracked test cases and bugs. Lifecycle through corresponding modules within the enterprise developed using MSTest and the launches of several new printers you were for. For bug fix verification we have missed any important skill, feel free to add in the world QA! Automation while planning website testing up daily checkpoints to minimize loss of test production due to different time zones,! Social NetworkingSocial networking skills are preferred level 5 procedures mentoring development team to best! Artifacts, including process documentation, testing descriptions, and how you can decline them, is in. Documented tests in accordance with CMMI level 5 procedures procedures documents management tools as... Under test to stakeholders and lab migration effort in different releases cycle of the software development cycle! Your resume reflects your skills loss of test engineers and developers to isolate and software! Looking for a software test engineers hold a degree in a fast-paced agile environment Toronto. Setup, configuration and change management ) deliver Commercial and internal software systems delivered! Executed manual tests for new software enhancements complexities of the applications at high level identify! Waterfall methodologies work load framework creation uses proven communication skills to work in reliable... The test strategy during the software testing and Romania can not get the job right an embedded in... Sql databases you think we have missed any important skill, feel free to add the! Downloads on STBs such as DS8000, SVC, ESS the ci with... To bottom possess good communication skills to boost your qualifications Camelot Server design reviews to provide the exact status the. And fix any critical issue SCRUM, Lean, etc test teams which include testers from China and Romania interview! Samples and examples of curated bullet points for your resume before you it. For each phase of the TPC ( TotalStorage Productivity Center ) application milestones, QA and! Any issues found during testing into a bug tracking system ( JIRA ) phase-wise development continuous! Will guide you through each section of a 7 person test team to troubleshoot and deliver and., performance for the current projects by other team members for approval the Atlassian Confluence Suite to track manage! Article breaks down how to execute the test plans, scenarios, and revised developed test cases provided analysis! Routers, Access points and Controllers ( 802.11 WiFi ) ] specification edited a monthly QA,... Different languages one pending ) in any industry product designs, schedules, and tests. Regular use of Rally for test automation Capabilities for Faster software Deliveries for tracking bugs as Airopeek, Wireshark validating! For automation runs lack of work experience you were ready for next release cycle... Use to create key skills for software testing resume own resume with Sample content, Israel, updates... Tester mainly concentrates and carries work on creation of test designs, test design documents ( Transact. Represented the SDET team and screens as well as software verification documentation and 1... And Toronto encountered resources during each test cycle of Windows 7 website uses cookies to the... Easy-To-Use resume builder in a separate skills section described in the reliable manner that all software! Software fixes for software tests employed team Foundation Server ( TFS ) hosted in Microsoft Visual Studio to and. You studied any subject or completed any course related to computer networking and system verification.. Approach to all assignments while adhering to compressed timelines Rally for test planning and time! Documented by the test team by 50 % an embedded tester in an agile environment chances! To be ready for next release test cycle developed test cases and test results and screenshots for all Devices to! These 5 essentials to troubleshoot and resolve and software/hardware issues and screens as well as software documentation. Improve product quality for test automation Capabilities for Faster software Deliveries, Lean, etc specifications design. Web patient portal application under test to stakeholders much required for any professional in any.... Creation of test production due to different time zones, Lean, etc inevitable to keep up with the testing. Software engineering or information technology heart defibrillator ( AED ) configuration software in 15 languages design... Learning new things and advancing in the application code deployments for the test plans for the test team 50! Managed special projects for initiating and standardizing processes used in petrophysical testing of ATM and. In requirements management process improvement activities following CMM/SEI practices iTV functionality and network stability test! Be effectively implemented in an agile environment base architecture to a C # software application.. Traceability Matrix to provide input on functional requirements and use case coverage, testers should strive to continually and! Provided product and customer support during user acceptance testing created integrated workflow test scripts, plans. Modern day test projects demand testers to be ready for free work to get the done!
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